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10 October 2010

Sheer Grit Continues on the Easel Emma playing Soccer Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Sheer Grit further progress'
24 x 36  Oil on Canvas


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The painting continues and I hope today to finish up the second soccer player on the far right.  I am debating doing the second one in this series but will talk to Emma's mom first to see if they have soccer pictures from their new team in California.  Wow I would love to see her play a game.

I can't help but wonder how they are adjusting to the new home in California.  With all of our many moves I discovered it takes about a year to two years to finally settle in and feel like it is home.  

Why does it seem to take so long to adjust to who we really are as God made us?  Some of us take more than two years and some don't ever adjust in their lifetime.  Face it our lives are full of constant adjustments.  We adjust as we go to nursery school for the first time and mom leaves us alone. We adjust on the first day of regular school.  We adjust as our hormones change and our body changes monthly as we enter into our teen years.  We adjust to more freedoms as we turn 16-18.  We adjust to college or life after we leave the safety of our family's home.  We adjust to relationships and marriages and commitments. We adjust to new jobs. We adjust to new friends and co-workers. We adjust to environmental changes. We adjust to ...well I could probably list for the next five hours and still be going strong.  Type in adjusting to google and you find things like:

Where do we find ADJUSTING TO WHO I AM? Accepting who I am?

Is there a time in life to let it go?  A time where you do not have to adjust yourself all the time? Is there a time you wake up and realize you are who you are and you do not have to be who everyone else thinks you should be?   Maybe that comes with the image of being that leaf on the stream floating with the current. I really don't think it adjusts much... it travels with the flow of the water.  How can we apply that to our lives?

Change is inevitable.  How we respond to it determines the quality of our life.  Are you 'over adjusting' to something or someone right now? Turn your focus away and put your energies into positive things that serve others. Redirect your mind and let go of that 'adjustment' thing. Change happens with or with out your permission.  Accept what is here today and sit back and look at what is right and good at this moment. Cherish it and give thanks to the Father.

Today is a new day and with it comes the abundance He offers.


 “Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise. Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails.”- Proverbs 19:20-21

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Margaret Bednar said...

Wonderful ... Your interview, your painting, your message on this post! I'm almost 45! With a 18 year old as my oldest and a 3 year old as my youngest (6 children total). Wanting to learn to paint and draw, deal with this new age I'm entering... Your words just hit a chord. Health and exercise so very important but also, really more important, the spiritual side. Thank you and I love your blog.

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