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10 September 2010

'The Race' Equine Horse Art Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'The Race'
20 x 30  Oil on Canvas

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OH my Gosh, we are here! We arrived in Palenville NY around 9 pm last night.  We are up, showered, dressed and heading down stairs for a full breakfast.  

We ended up yesterday morning finding out the Cam Sensor was not working on the car. Had we continued driving, the engine would have blown up.  God was truly good as we had stopped at Wendy's and baby car never started again.   They ordered the sensor to be overnighted and it should arrive there today. BUT meanwhile we had to continue north on our journey.  

The Enterprise Rental in Christiansburg had three cars.  A tiny yellow something, a paneled cargo van and a Dodge Calibar.  We went with teh Calibar.  About 25% smaller than the Passat and no trunk or luggage room.  Terry figured out had to cram everything into the back end and back seat and away we went.  It was evident it was flaky on handling compared to our Passat, but I had confidence in Terry and total faith in HIM.

Wyatt at the Enterprise was on the job and processed us quickly. He had sent a driver to pick us up and they were kind enough to go out of their way to the BUG SHOP so we could get the rest of our luggage out of the Passat.  The driver was a police officer working part time for Enterprise, Officer Chip.  We shared testimonials and he was so kind and helpful that by the time we left, we felt blessed and energized for the 9-10 hour drive through the Appalachians and the Poconos.  The truck traffic was horrendous and quite dangerous on all the hills.  Some of those truck drivers act like they are in sports cars.   

We made it to the New York state line before it turned dark.  Had we not stopped for a bite of food, we would have made it by eight and probably only finished out the turnpike in NY in the dark.  

The Clark House where we are staying is delightful.  The owners are from England and France and it gives everything a unique flair in the house.  I am eager for breakfast this morning.

Kimberly Conrad and her husband Don flew in from Denver.  I do not believe they are as at home in a B & B as Terry and I. Kimberly said she was more of a hotel girl.   Not many of those around here.  Kimberly is everything and more to meet her in person. When you only know folks by phone or internet you have no true sense of their being until you meet them face to face.  I felt like I was hugging my sister.
Today we will tour Saguerties and see the art show. The Auction is tonight!  We may drive over to see Woodstock and the Fletcher Gallery as well.  Tom Fletcher hosted all 59 artists from around the world for their contributing pieces.

Off to eat.  May your day be blessed and thank you for your travel prayers and wishes.  We will connect with Daily Painter Jamie Williams Grossman and she has invited Terry and I to sleep at her house the next three days.


“Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.”- Isaiah 46:4

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