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18 June 2010

Red Flowers on Orange Flower Art Floral Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

4 x 6  Oil on 300 lb Watercolor Paper

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The Painting:This is one of three in a series and this one is sold. I will post the other two pretty soon.

The Thought:    It was a long day yesterday. A long six hours of the day at least.  Terry and I laid out a full palette of grass in part of the back yard.  It is San Augustine Grass and here in Texas you buy it in bulk amounts on palettes of wood.   We could have done this in two hours, but he was soaking each square piece of grass in a mixture of root stimulator and water before we put it down.  We wore out and finally the last third we just placed on the ground and watered it really well.  I keep promising pictures, but they have to wait until I am through with the commission I have to do and maybe the wedding the first part of July. 

Even being out in the sun in back for six hours today, I did not tire of the view, the birds, and the clouds racing across the sky.  We gave praises as we worked for the blessings that are so abundant right now in our lives.  The richness of simplicity and the quiet of country living.  When we sat and rested with water on one of the swings, we remembered how much Terry's mom wanted to retire to Argyle when we got married and moved out there.  She suffered an aneurysm that literally changed all of our lives and she was never able to have that retirement time at all. She died five years later in a nursing home. She was only 63 I believe when it happened.  

My mom and Dad worked their entire lives.  Mom is still working in her eighties.  Dad never wanted to not work; he enjoyed it so much. It was his life.  Mom has many gifts she shares with her teaching of Pilates and Tai Chi for seniors.  She has studied many of the healing arts as well and is always quick to help others out. That is something that is a gift that she will use always. She is a rare gift in this world... to not only her family but to anyone she meets.

My dearest friend, and gallery owner of Earth Works Art Gallery in New York, retired two days ago from her real job as Assistant Superintendent of Schools in Watkins Glen New York.  She was surprised to find she was able to move her retirement date up almost a month... and found out at eleven in the morning and was packed and ready to leave by three.  She is my age, she is 57.  Plans on traveling and spending time seeing the world and meeting new friends. 

Sometimes you have to step back from the picture you have for life and paint something new and go after life in a new composition or new environment.  Allow yourself to be free of the constraints you have shackled yourself with so for in life... the you you believe you are. Most likely you are still missing some of the best part of yourself when you cannot dare to try a new direction.  It is there inside of you waiting... make a small change today, remember that old worn saying,  today is the first day of the rest of your are you going to spend it?


“Sing to God, sing praise to his name, extol him who rides on the clouds — his name is the LORD— and rejoice before him. A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.”- Psalm 68:4-5

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SarahBowie said...

Love the colors and shapes in this painting! Also love the inspirational essay.

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