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02 June 2010

'At the Ocean' Child portrait on the Beach by Texas Artist Laurie Justus Pace

'At the Ocean'
24 x 36  Oil on Canvas

Available through the Dutch Art Gallery. Contact Pam.
For commissions, contact me. Laurie

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The Painting:  I posted this last month.  I didn't paint the past two days. Terry took everyone sailing yesterday but me... but I still didn't get to paint.  I did get to enjoy the company of his dearest cousins and I learned how to play a new domino game.

The Thought:   My thoughts are on disappointments this morning as this is something that touched my life recently.   Plans never seem to flow as we plan them, only as God wants them to go.  Although I do believe the humans in our lives affect some of that flow with their choices. Often those choices affect us.

When the disappointment hit me, it was after something was promised that was not delivered. There was a logical reason for it, but that didn't lesson the disappointment. It hurt at first and anger boiled up and I had to literally pray to deal with it.  I felt so deflated and emotionally drained.

Then I was mad at myself for allowing negativity to creep in.  Disappointments happen in life and we must learn to adjust our expectations.  Things happen. Emotionally strong people adjust with the flow and usually I am there, but this was something that was a continuation of something repetitive in my life and I stupidly allowed myself to be vulnerable.  WE CHOOSE how we respond to disappointment.  That is in our control... our reactions to things around us. We control those reactions.  We can choose to be happy just like we choose to be sad.

There is a learning curve here and we know from life experiences failure and disappointment build character and patience.  Learning to adjust gracefully to what life hands you is the first goal.  I still believe it is good to acknowledge to yourself the disappointment if it occurs, but then let it go...and you go deeper with God.  Humans let us down, situations complicate things... God does not. God will sustain you always. Through financial crises, educational disappointments, broken relationships, criticism from others...always He will sustain you.

Let the day pass. Let it all go.  Be renewed today by God's love and have hope in Him.


"As I looked at everything I had worked so hard to accomplish, it was all so meaningless . . . like chasing the wind" Ecclesiastes 2:11

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