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05 May 2010

Beginnings "Home on the Ranch" Appaloosas in Progress Huge Oil Painting Equine Abstract by Texas Aritst Laurie Pace

Beginnings of 'Home on the Ranch'
4 ft by 5 ft  Oil on Canvas

This is a commissioned painting for an Appaloosa Ranch owner here in Texas
You can follow the progress...
Contact me. Laurie
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The Painting: I posted the sketches of this piece last week and I began it this week.

The Thought:    My thought this morning is finding Joy in every moment. Sounds simple but it definitely a daunting task. 

Or is it?

All the best plans never work as we think they should and not much joy will abound there. When we lose hope we normally lose joy.  The joy can only be found in the release of the "plans and wounds"  that tie us to these worries.  That is not meant to say you are not responsible in this world as we all are responsible to live today as it counts to our commitments and our direction.  The suggestion is to be open to the joy that is already there.

He offers up joy in our daily experience and we need to be open to finding it, feeling it and allowing it to fill us. The Holy Spirit is there with us guiding us to the joy...but there is something else that we all had to help us along and that is a Mother.

As we approach the well advertised "Mother's Day" weekend, children in school are scampering to finish cards and gifts for their moms, Hallmark is raking in big bucks in card sales, and many of us adult children are thinking back on the years of blessed "mothering" from our Mothers.  

It takes thinking back to childhood and even young adulthood when the world crashed around our ears from those lost plans and wounds of childhood...and who was there?  Mother.  When we forgot to be responsible for something, who was there? Mother.  When we rode our bicycles too fast and turned the corner on a dime and crashed, who helped us bring the bent bike home and tended to our bloody knees and elbows?  Mother.  How about when we came in late and she covered for us to keep  Dad from finding out and grounding us?  Yes, that was Mother. Who helped put together all those science fair projects, like making water run uphill?  Her name was Mother. When we fell ill and fevers set in, it was Mother tending to us.  (Yes God was there too...and the Holy Spirit within.)

I do believe Mother and Joy are woven together in one of God's greatest gifts. It was Mother in her earthly presence that urged us to rise above the wounds and worries and push forward to be 'joyful'. She was always after us to see the glass as half full.  The joy is there ever constant and if God can't get through to us, Mother can.


"I have great confidence in you; I take great pride in you. I am greatly encouraged; in all our troubles my joy knows no bounds." 2 Corinthians 7:4

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Sue said...

I wondered if I might have permission to post your Mother Heart on my blog with a poem on Saturday.


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