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17 April 2010

'Sunrise Over the Village' Landscape Painting By Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Sunrise Over the Village'
11 x 14  Oil on Linen Canvas Panel

This painting is for sale in an estate sale. I painted it in 2007 and I love painting like this but I do not do many like it any more. I may have to revisit it.
If you are called to this piece, contact Clarissa.
Price on this is $200 or make a good offer.
The Gallery Value is $495 area

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The Painting:  A gorgeous piece done several years ago... pattern pulls of a wide brush with contrasting colors. I did a series of seven of these.  Village Lights Series.  Perhaps it is time for a new series!

The Thought:  Canopies of trees literally hang over the country roads now that spring has completed her adornment of rebirth. 

In our stubborn determination we finally figured out the closest route to Lowe's in Mt Pleasant.  We were driving the southern route west across the northern shores of the lake, and then entering Mt Pleasant on the SW side and driving north to Lowe's....but thanks to my half working IPHONE in the woods, (It can't find me for navigation but it will load the area map.) we discovered if we travel west on one of the major roads, HWY 21, we can cut up one block to a small country road (1 1/2 lanes wide covered in a deep dark canopy of leaves and where we spotted a bobcat yesterday.) and take it for one mile and link up with 4130 and go about two miles north to the interstate. After that Lowe's is only 4 miles down the interstate. Takes 18 minutes.  The other route took 30 minutes and you suffered through traffic (??) in the town of Mt Pleasant (13,000 people). (Mt Vernon only has 2900).

Short cuts in life can be good and they can be bad.  We deemed this one good in daylight but will not use this route at night. We were told wild hogs and coyotes roam this area after dark.  We already know there are bobcats.  Perhaps we should call this not a short cut but a another road to travel.  We get into the routine and we often cannot let go of our routines to try out new things. Here in the country in this "new place" we are out of our normal environment living in a new place.  We stay open to all possibilities as we face each day. 

I challenge you today to find a new way of doing something. Climb out of the box and try something new and different. Play and adventure comes easily to children, so remember you are God's child.  God is smiling, go and play today.

And all the people went up following him, playing on pipes and rejoicing with great joy, so that the earth quaked at their noise.--1 Kings 1:40

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