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28 April 2010

'Red Tulips' and a Canvas Blocking for a Painting of Appaloosa Horses by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Red Tulips'
16 x 20  Oil on Canvas


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The Painting:  This is an old piece from 2003 or 2004.    I painted today on some commissions is a sketch of the 4 ft by 5 ft. but have nothing in color to share.

The Thought:   Okay, try this one... You are safe with the Daddy....

Terry and I were outside together working. He was working and I was moral support and leaning against a pole to keep it from falling.  He is putting up a new pole for DISH Satellite.  We have been with out TV since April 3rd.  Life is just not quite the same.

As I was leaning against this tall pole as he was tightening brackets...I noted there were seven Daddy long legs on the brick by our bedroom windows.  I was admiring them remembering back to summer camp in New Braunfels TX... church camp on the Guadalupe River,  Slumber Falls. There were Daddy Long Legs  everywhere.  Huge clusters of long legs in every direction.

As I was leaning and laughing about the moving cluster of legs... Terry said quietly... The Daddy is safe...meaning the bugs were good spiders.  But in that instant of his calm quiet words... I felt the presence of the Father.  Daddy is indeed safe.  With  God the Father we are safe always. 

Taking this a step further, you know I am in prayer this week on direction with this fluctuating economy.  I continue to pray for direction and several times today found myself lifting my left hand up as if to touch God's hand... out of nowhere... and then feeling warmth spread through my fingers and up my arm releasing a calmness.  Daddy is indeed safe.  The Father will keep us safe at all times. It is ours to believe and follow Him with open hearts and minds.  I think I already have my answer.  It is the scary path for sure, full of the unknown to me, but one that He has chartered for my journey.

My dear sister of the heart, Jan, the wonderful friend that keeps me level...wrote a fantastic blog entry this past week and I want to share it with you but I can't as it is a private blog. I will see if I can condense the story for tomorrow...or get her to do it!

It is so clear how God guides our lives if we just stay still and listen.


"For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.”- Luke 19:10

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