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26 January 2010

'Spirit Sun Dance' Colorful Horse Equine Art Daily Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Spirit Sun Dance'
10" x 10" (25.4cm x 25.4cm)
Oil on Canvas

© Laurie Justus Pace     Graphics One Design 2010

The Painting:  After painting the Warrior of Old this weekend...and it selling today, I decided to try this approach to the canvas again. It is ever so important for an artist to continue to stretch their minds to climb out of the "box" that holds them into new areas...and NOT areas already being explored and sold by other artists...but new areas. It is truly hard to be original with out having a bit of "other artists" touching in your work, but it truly should be a spiritual experience as you work on your pieces...a passion and a love from your heart.  So embrace my newest in this small pieces of this Gallery Series Spirit of the Equine.

The Thought: Terry is still home with pneumonia.  We continue to work on that puzzle we started before Christmas and I believe we might have it completed this week. Looks like we lost one piece of the daisy flowers, but hopefully we have the rest.  I will take some pictures to show our work..

There is a certain delight we share as we conquer this mindless puzzle of 2000 pieces.  It puts us together for hours with out the tv or computer and I love this. We both take pride as we work side by side on this simple puzzle celebrating and giggling with every "found" piece.

I wonder if God feels that way as each of us "FIND" our peace with Him? God delights in providing us with our heart's desires.  It will never be on our schedule but on His.  Everyday we are to serve Him and do what we can for Him in that day.  He will wait as He wants to see you be a blessing to others.  Nothing blesses others better than knowing that real joy of trusting God and believing with out doubt that He works on behalf of those who love Him.

Are you a lost puzzle piece in His Kingdom?  Time to be found...and placed in the perfect spot to complete both your life and His plans.


"I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing."  Genesis 12:2

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Gwen Bell said...

Love the vibrant palette and energy of this piece! Wonderful!

Laurie Justus Pace Contemporary Texas Artist


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