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07 August 2009

'Three in the Meadow' Abstract Equine Horse Art by Texas Artist, Laurie Pace

'Three in the Meadow'

18 x 24 inches
Oil on Canvas

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The Painting: Musical wanderings of color with the palette knife. The visceral blending of colors across the palette. No impasto with this one, just thick buttery oils laid on in pulled layers blending and creating a melody of it's own. Within the turns and curves you find the horses at play.

The Thought: My thought this morning ties into the painting. Each of us is created uniquely. Whatever color we are, whatever sound we make, whatever represents us as a person is unique and one of kind. God's syncopation in creation extends beyond our reasoning power, but somehow despite the differences, some subtle, some obvious, we are all here created in His love.

Philip Glass is a favorite composer in our family and our lives. His music is in a large amount of movies and productions. You might not know his name, but if you heard the tune, you would know the music. He takes the keyboard to new lengths using simple triads of minor and major combination and then he pits them backwards against each other creating tension as he builds to the core of the piece.

When I think of friends that come and go in seasons in your life, I believe it is the precious blending of personalities and melody lines creating a song for that season. When those always present "happenings" occur in your life, it is an interruption in the smooth music, bringing in dissonance and causing the melody to break momentarily, until it finds it's voice again.

When you are singing solo in life, you find yourself alone facing the world. You have to learn to give and take in your melody to have others join in your life song.

Another thought is the forced melody.... those that cross into your life and want to sing as you do... copying and echoing your notes. Try as they may they cannot reproduce what comes from your soul as God created you to be you. One day they will realize they are singing someone else's song and will find their own.

My melody is not your melody. My color is not your color. My life cannot be your life. My art cannot be your art.

Value your melody today... value your gifts and find your path. God has blessed you richly my friend. If we meet along the way, I will walk in harmony with you and share the day. Together our melodies will harmonize and be a joy to all who hear.


All your words are true; all your righteous laws are eternal.” Psalm 119:160

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