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06 June 2009

The Warrior ~ Horse Abstract Art Painting by Laurie Pace

24 x 30 inches
Acrylic on Canvas

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© Laurie Justus Pace
"He had great success in everything he did because the Lord was with him." 1 Samuel 18:14

A Painting a Day: It started with the thought of grey blue and doing a quiet painting with maybe misty white horses advancing from the grey blue din behind. As you see it didn't pan out that way at all. Layers and layers of grey blue acrylic began the process with movements of violet dashing in and out. As the white layers came to play, it was evident it could not be a quiet painting as color seems to burst out of my work unplanned. Golden Acrylics and Liquitex Acrylics are both so thick and buttery... it almost makes it fun!
For those of you that love my work but the larger pieces are out of range, I have decide to do a series of smaller pieces that will be available at $100-150. Watch for them soon.

My Thought for the Day:

There is a point in biblical history where Israel is getting clobbered in battle by the Philistines and they are desperate to find a brave warrior to go up again the champion of this enemy. All of Israel's soldiers were terrified of fighting Goliath, the enemy's champion fighter. The man was huge. The man was a giant, thick with muscles and fighting skills beyond reason. David was the "chosen" to do this. David was not a warrior, but simply in the right place at the right time - God's time. He was armed with divine strength and knowledge as he consented to battle Goliath. Human strength could not compare to God's strength and power. David easily fell Goliath.

Each of us face "Goliath's" in our days. I have several things I am facing ahead that I know in my heart and my mind that I will be facing these issues with God leading the charge. I am confident. What I know in my heart, is the changes I hope for are NOT necessarily the changes that will occur. So as I prepare for the days upcoming and the battle ahead, I will do it with calm and prayer knowing the true battle belongs to God and the outcome has already been written.

May your "Goliath's" fall easily today.


"All this assembly shall know that the Lord does not save with sword and spear; for the battle is the Lord's." 1 Samuel 17:47

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