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07 January 2009

no. 7 Hearing the Call
Contemporary Modern Art Palette Knife Horse Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

24 x 36 x 2 inches of THICK buttery oils applied with a palette knife.
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How did it get to be six thirty already? I have been sitting here an hour and just now blogging. I had to make my way through a truck load of email. That is how.

Okay so I was surprised this morning. As I set out to meditate and pray and read in my bible about what to write about this morning I read "Always be generous, open purse and hands, give to your neighbors in trouble, your poor and hurting neighbors." Deuteronomy 15:11

I am (Pardon the pun) "Hearing the Call".

In contrast at night I am still reading "Setting Boundaries for your Adult Children". Humm, they are indeed my neighbors in trouble, but somehow I have to set some boundaries here. I can't help but wonder if the Lord thinks that about us sometimes.

When the Israelites settled down after traveling, finally arriving in the land promised to them by God, they found Him instructing them to do something quite unusual. At the end of seven years they were to cancel all debts. Can you see my raising my hand for those college loans in our names? During that seventh year the Israelites were also instructed to put down their tools and take a time out. They were given a year of rest from toil and obligation. (My hand is back up in the air again.)

Why do you suppose God did this?

When He created the heavens, the world, the animals and all, He rested on the seventh day. Do you think He wanted the Israelites to understand that everything they had came from Him? God has always been a benevolent God. He provides for all of our needs, and we know this if we are paying attention. We miss much in our busy worlds. We need to be as openhearted with others as He is with us. God is a giving generous God and I believe He wants us to be the same to those in need around us.

This is a new thought for the new year. Give not just of your money, but of yourself. Be creative and find something different than the norm of dropping coins in the Salvation Army bucket, or dropping off coats to Good Will. What gifts can you share this year?

Joy and Abundance,

"Give to them freely and unselfishly, and the Lord will bless you in everything you do." Deuteronomy 15:10

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