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17 January 2009

First Bloom 2009
Contemporary Art Magnolia Flower Daily Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

16 x 20 inches Oil on Canvas
Commissioned Painting SOLD

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"So the power of God could be seen in him." John 9:3

As you can tell I have been adjusting things on the blog. I had noticed Jelaine's blog and loved her three column approach and when I wrote her, she sent me on to Sarah Trefny, who was kind enough to help me add my third column. What I still need to figure out, is how to adjust the type margins not to hit the edges... but I am way out of my knowledge area now. You will see adjustments as I play with it!

Yesterday was catch-up day. I had clients to meet with at lunch; infact Morgan and Kelly came too and hopefully both Morgan and I will be able to do some art work for this project. It is a Doctors Office of the future, so it is definitely pulling at my heart. Currently the practice is 30 years young and at this point totally built to serve medicaid patients in a hispanic area of Dallas. This doctor has kept his vision and his service to the Dallas community on target all the way. With his new clinic he will provide full services of OBGYN, Pediatrics, Family Practioner, in house Pharmacy, large x-ray area with CSCAN etc. etc. etc. If our involvement is blessed to continue with them, I will definitely share more. It is so unusual in this day and time to find folks that have dedicated their lives to help others with out worrying about what's in it for them. This husband and wife team is very dedicated to this community. That is why I chose my verse above to reflect this moment. God's power burns brightly in this doctor and his continual gift to serve and now to provide a new well-equiped facility for the practice. Obviously God has nurtured a vision within him to complete this goal. Through blind trust he is watching it all come to be.

It is an honor to participate with my art work. The power of the Lord is amazing.

Kelly and Morgan

They are cute together. They knew each other while growing up at St Paul United Church of Christ in Dallas. I do not think they had seen each other in 15 years and they caught up this past week. Friends are one of the best things we can have in life.

Stacey remains on bedrest and her best friend is flying in from Los Angelos tomorrow to stay for a week. She will help Stacey get Lauren's room ready and there is another shower next week. Natalie will return when Lauren arrives and will stay with Stacey for a few weeks to help out. DID I SAY YEAH?? Yes I did! My mother came with two of mine and stayed to help me for a week. I would not have made it otherwise.
Here are pictures from the shower last weekend:

I am off to paint! May He fill your every need.

Joy and Abundance,

"God, order up your power; show the might
power you have used for us before." Psalm 68:28

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