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17 June 2008

Horse Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

8 x 10 inches framed in wide gold frame.

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Can I say my feet hurt? I told Terry I had to get some exercise before we head to Jackson Hole for the show in July. Elevation is 6500 feet and we are at what maybe 200? So I started wearing my step counter and we did laps at North Park last night. Boy my feet hurt this morning! Must be time for new shoes.

I started working on a commission painting yesterday but my time ended as Dad woke and I prepared breakfast for us. Then younger brother scooped him up to take him home to shower and change. Older Brother scooped him up to take him to the office. The rest of the day was spent checking on movers, painters, piano tuners and piano movers, getting both deals closed on the selling and buying end of their homes, getting mom settled in from the hospital as everyone left from house signing. (Many thanks to Janet Pendolph at Republic Title for her house call.) Running to Albertsons to pick up prescriptions, food prep and clean up ... dealing with their giant dog Gracie, walking at the mall till nine last night and pushing through Whole Foods to arrive home at ten. We unpacked groceries and washed fruit watching the 1o oclock news. I think we fell into bed around eleven. The dogs woke me a bit after six dancing around the bed. We have wood floors and the boards creak and their nails go clip clip clip. I AM AWAKE.

A good friend has a husband just diagnosis with fast spreading prostate cancer. She is pretty devastated only being one year into the marriage. It is her second marriage. She was widowed at 42ish and waited about 8 years before she married again. Prayers are needed if you will add her to your thoughts today.

Trying to find calm in days like I am living and days like she is living is truly a work of God. Believing that He is still working in our lives is often the last thought as we struggle through the day beating our way through the jungle of life and what is thrown in our path. Stop and Know HE is there. The simple act of putting your hands out in front of you palms open on top...closing your eyes and deep breathing...release it all, give it up, give it to Him. Listen to your heart beat, listen to the silence if it is there. You can do this in a noisy place too, but you have to go deeper in your meditation and only hear the quiet in your head. Envision some place you have been that brought deep serenity to you and zoom yourself back. Walk through the still waters that will restore your soul. Through it all you have the the Lord with you and you have all of us that love you and pray for you.


“Sing to God, sing praise to his name, extol him who rides on the clouds — his name is the LORD— and rejoice before him. A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.”Psalm 68:4-5

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JustKJ said...

It ranges from 450-550 depending on where in town you are standing. Dallas Love field is 487 feet

So you are twice as high as you thought.

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