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25 April 2008


Feline Cat Art by Laurie Justus Pace
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15 x 30 inches of Oil on Canvas

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Early this morning Terry was up when he was suppose to be asleep. He has a 16 hour day today at the airport. Sleep was necessary and he was awake. I stayed still hoping he would drop back off after he work me up...and he did.

My thoughts were tumbling around house hunting with my mom yesterday. We went back to the original neighborhood where we first lived and looked at a home. As we passed by a house on the block where I played as a child the memories flooded back. I especially remember the game "MOTHER MAY I" Do you remember that game? One person is the mother and they stand in front of a line of the players with about 15 ft between them. I think "mother" has her back to the line so she cannot see where people are. Starting from one side of the line the
"mother" calls out to the first player, "Karen take three baby steps" and Karen is suppose to remember to say "Mother May I" . Only after the "mother" says "yes you may", can Karen take her steps. "mother" then moves on to the next person, "Jonathan take two giant steps". This time Jonathan forgets to ask "Mother May I" and jumps out taking the steps. Everyone laughs because he has to go back because he forgot to ask first and did not have permission to take his two giant steps.

Instantly this morning this connected for me. Father May I? This should be taught and ingrained in your young ones early early in life. If they can play and understand the concept of Mother May I , they certainly can apply it to praying to Father God. Every morning upon waking the FATHER MAY I should jump into being. Every meal, every praise, every supplication, etc should have a FATHER MAY I prayer.

Father, May I send my love and praises to you this beautiful Spring Day? May I send my thanks for the many blessings? Father May I have your guidance today as I face the tasks ahead and be backed by your grace in my choices?

Works pretty darn well in my mind.


"Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long." Psalm 25:5

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