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23 January 2008

SISTERS IN THE SAND - Commissioned painting of children by Laurie Justus Pace

30 x 40 Oil on Canvas
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Thanks be to God and to all of you prayer warriors!!

This was the original painting I did for Lynda in Connecticut. Her little girls were really little in this painting and are at least three or four years older now. Maybe even six years older. I believe when she sent me photos they were older even when I painted this. She also has three little boys. A well rounded crew to be sure. This painting took honors in an international art show when it was done.

Well, yesterday was full of surprises. I want to share with you right now.


That is the bad is the good news:


Things happen every single moment in our lives. We cannot live our lives waiting for it to be better tomorrow. Often you wait patiently for this window that life will be better after... Nothing will happen tomorrow to make your life better than today. Nothing will happen next week to make it better.... Once something 'Better" happens, everything else has changed and believe me there are pit falls to be had. You have this moment. You have this moment to find joy. Do it. My words are but a reminder to you to live this moment. Adapt your view of what is in your world to find joy THIS MOMENT. You cannot wait for tomorrow. Things change by the moment, by the day, by the week. This moment is what counts right now.

Yesterday, after two days of hell with QUICKEN and both the PC and the Mac, finally at five p.m. it was figured out. Please remember I am not a huge computer person. It was not Quicken. Despite all my attempts around the problem I could not break through. I did break down. We even updated to 2008 version of Home and Business. Terry is convinced programs are set to break down at a certain point to make sure you buy the new version. I buy that one! So we did, but our problem still was there. It was at Five pm I realized that we use FIREFOX as our browser. Internet Explorer was not connecting to the internet. Not being a computer geek I did not click to this two days ago. I went to Microsoft and downloaded the latest greatest Internet Explorer and presto, it all works again. Even though Firefox worked and I could access the internet, Intuit products use IE for access and if your IE is broken you aren't going anywhere. Pressure let off. I could have brewed and stewed all day yesterday, but brother Kirk had said he would be home today and I knew he would help resolve the problem, so at eleven yesterday I had backed away from the computer to press on with other things.

That is when the phone rang and I was invited to come view the art dept at SMU. I have considered getting my Masters Degree. The Advising Professor seemed to think I was partially crazed as to why. I make my living with my art...and am finding success with it...why go back? The answer is crystal clear...I want to see growth. I want to press the limits in painting. I want to explore and question. I want to have to be accountable for this by peers that offer genuine response to my work. It is something I am praying over. Would life be better if?? Probably not, but it would change. Wisdom would be gained through the process.

Change you can count on every day. EVERY MOMENT. But right now enjoy this moment. I know when we were on the SMU campus, we also visited the Meadows Museum and saw the current exhibit. We had been wanting to go and had not been able to squeeze it in our lives with the heat out, the fixing of that situation, the catching up on the house, wash etc...but the Prof called and we were out the door in ten minutes. After the hour visit we were at the museum.

Take this day like a child would with simple anticipation of something happening. Accept the change in your life and float through it. God it there and keeps you wrapped in his arms. In less than a second he can Change your life.


"And the LORD changed the wind to a very strong west wind, which caught up the locusts and carried them into the Red Sea. Not a locust was left anywhere in Egypt." Exodus 10:19

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