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18 April 2011

Uphill Progression of new abstract Horse Painting by Texas Contemporary Equine Artist Laurie Pace

Progression on UpHill
Every Day a new layering of colors. As you can see I have sketched out the horses I want in this composition and I have begun working in the background on the blue acrylic.  Now I am painting in Oils. I paint with Holbein Duo oils. 
3 ft by 4 ft  Oil on Canvas  
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The Daily Journey  aka Daily Layers

Both in painting and in life, it seems to evolve in layers. If you think about your life it is filled with events that seem to layer on top of other events.  This is what affects your personality and your outlook on life.  How you 'survive' these layers, 'celebrate' these layers or 'merge' these layers is up to you.

Ben Pace always use to say, 'You can get glad just like you got mad.' We are all pretty quick to anger...but he wanted people to realize you can be quick to smile.  I don't think we do that enough. Our lives are lead in such a serious way.  Bills piling upon bills, taxes, rising fuel costs, nuclear plants failing, health issues, and the list goes on.  How are you glad about any of that?

Yesterday was not the best day.  One of my best paintings that I just finished SOMEHOW got a 3 inch rip in it.  Terry hurt his back trying to move the new washing machine into the house.  The website was not loading right after three days of working on it and I was up very very late working and reloading. My computer mysteriously lost a huge mail file that I needed HTML code from one of the emails to fix the CFAINTL site.   SOMEHOW... I was calm.  I kept thinking as I held up the canvas with one of the new realistic paintings I just finished...20 x 30, thinking of the hours I had painting invested in it... and realizing it was probably ruined... I should have cried.  I wanted to cry.  I did not cry.  When we went to bed last night I rolled over and took Terry's hand and said..."It was one of those days wasn't it? We survived an all are alive and well... Praise to God. God is good, all the time, God is good." 

Thinking to past times, I probably would have sobbed over the painting and I am definitely not happy about his back....and the site is back up and working due to God's greatness... so I had to rejoice in the day as it closed and this morning I give thanks for this great new day and the moments I have to create more new layers in my life. 


Blessed is the one
   who does not walk in step with the wicked
or stand in the way that sinners take
   or sit in the company of mockers, Psalm 1:1


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