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17 March 2011

Progress MAX Abstract Horse Painting Expressionism By Texas Equine Artist Laurie Pace, Passing it On

Progression on Max
4 ft by 4 ft  Oil on Canvas     
 ©Laurie Pace  Graphics One Design
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Passing It On

I have continued to work on Max and Lucky everyday adding more layers of oil with color beginning to mix and rise to the top.

I want to share that Contemporary Fine Art International and Artist of Texas have both sent money through a private individual working in a church in Japan. The two pastors are Rick and Connie Justus. Connie and I have been friends on Facebook since I first went on Facebook years ago.  I have to be related to her husband somewhere in the years prior as Justus is not a common spelling of the name from Germany. We have connected in prayer, our faith and a good friendship through the years.  They live south of Tokyo and their church jumped into the fray early on obtaining permission from the police to make journey by truck with supplies such as food, blankets, clothes, diapers, formula and water.

With in hours their congregation and neighbors all begin to collect and gather everything they could. Connie took some paypal donations from individuals and friends that knew what was happening and we immediately participated here instead of going through one of the larger charities that skims off running costs from the top of all donations.  Every penny that came from the two art associations went directly to these supplies and to the cost of fuel to get the supplies into the people that need them so desperately.


Japanese society is one of great morality and gentile courtesy.  There is no looting and stealing right now amidst the chaos . The focus is on helping.  Helping where ever you can. Always looking out for someone else before worrying about yourself. Passing It On.  Caring about others.   In Japanese society you find a glimpse of goodness that use to exist in the USA but does not any longer.  If you lost your wallet or misplaced it in Japan, the person finding it would take it to the nearest police station and the police would find you. All your money and credit cards would be securely in place.  This would never happen in our society.  I only got my drivers license mailed back to me by the post office.  The other person got all my credit cards, keys, money and a bracelet in my purse.  (I had left it at a restaurant the day my grandson Jon was born almost 14 years ago.)

Time for us to Pass It On.  Through prayers and donations right now we can help this nation out as they struggle to overcome the earthquake and tsunami destruction. The aftershocks continue to roll through the island and rescue and search teams continue working around the clock.

It makes me shudder to think about this happening in my back yard. Our nearest plant in Texas is at Glen Rose. Terry told me at lunch yesterday I had to think about Louisiana as we are 90 miles from the border.  I looked it up and there are two nuclear plants but they are very south east from us pretty far away.  But Glen rose is 200 miles southwest of us. It is even closer to Dallas. It is only 90 miles from Dallas.

David Darrow had this posted on Facebook.  My Virginia Heart Sis told me about this days ago.

Tell me why again we have to use nuclear energy? How about making candles again and saddling up the horse out in the barn.


“Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” - Colossians 3:12


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