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29 May 2009

A Painting a Day ~ Colorful Kisses of Spring ~ Flower Oil Painting by Laurie Pace

No. 189 Colorful Kisses of Spring
30 x 40 inches
Oil on Canvas

A Painting A Day: Only occasionally do I find myself pulled into working on a painting as I did this one. Working on a large canvas surface of 30 x 40 inches, I knew the goal was color, life, brilliance, softness and intensity. This sets up a definite conflict of interest but a positive gathering of elements in the composition. Memories of my Grandmother's flower garden in the center of her horseshoe drive at her farm outside St Louis, led me to want to create something as fresh and soft as those moments when I would walk through the small paths often in flowers as tall as I was. I cannot count the layering that went into this painting and the depth of color and paint are astonishing. It is available for a good offer. Currently as it cures out, it hangs in my home gracing the walls with the kiss of spring.

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See more details at: Here you can use the magnify tool and see every area close up and personal.

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Close ups:

Pictures of it hanging.

"Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your God commanded you, so that your days may be long and that it may go well with you." Deuteronomy 5:16

When I painted these flowers my mind truly was at Nonnie's farm. When I think of her, I always think of her there and how wonderful it was when we drove from Dallas all the way to St Louis to see her. My grandfather had retired from the railroad and bought the farm for them to live in the country outside town. I don't have a memory of where they were before at all. I need to ask my mom or older brother. Seems like all my memories are there. After my grandfather died, I remember visiting and I got to sleep in my grandmother's bed with her. The memory of stretching before even opening my eyes...I could hear the birds outside the window. As I slowly raised my eye lids up.. the white curtain was floating and fluttering with the early breeze. Nonnie was never still in bed when I woke up... she was always out doing her chores either outside feeding chickens, or in the kitchen beginning food prep for the day. It was magical. Playing outside, in the flower garden, or even helping gather blackberries from the food garden. Oh yes, I remember, "Watch out for snakes." They seem to like those berries too. I laugh remembering the old two seater out house. The farm had indoor baths etc, but the original outhouse was still on the property. I imagine my younger readers have no clue, but you older ones are chuckling. At night we would chase the fireflies and try and catch them cupping them in our hands and peering in to see if they still had their "lights' on. The parents, aunts, uncles, etc were all around sitting in those chairs we all remember in different colors of metal with white arms.

Family is dear to all of us. If you live away from family they seem even more precious as you are missing life moments being with them. It makes the visits even more special as you drink in and make your memories count. God has created our families and given us to each other to share life together. You can definitely count on the fact that families NEVER agree on anything except the breaking of bread and heartfelt hugs. You can also count on God dwelling in each person and the connection that remains there as part of His creation. Be aware as you think of each family member of what their needs might be right now. If you are like me your day is packed from dawn to dusk and adding extra pray time and thought seems impossible...but scribble a list of names and take them slowly through out the week. Next to each name, write something down to pray about for that person. This will deepen your awareness of others and the ability to actually watch God answer your prayer as His love transforms and heals each family member.

Great Grandpa Ben and "Gail" aka Lauren

The family bond is unbreakable. God is the Father... our bond with Him is unbreakable despite how often we forget, HE never forgets. Honor your family; honor the memories; honor the love and hold them each close in heart.


"So Boaz took Ruth and she became his wife. Then he went to her, and the LORD enabled her to conceive, and she gave birth to a son. The women said to Naomi: "Praise be to the LORD, who this day has not left you without a kinsman-redeemer. May he become famous throughout Israel! He will renew your life and sustain you in your old age. For your daughter-in-law, who loves you and who is better to you than seven sons, has given him birth." Ruth 4:13-15

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PAT MEYER -- said...

Love the story about your grandmother and seeing the sweet photo of your grandfather and baby. The color are intense and cheery. This would be a painting that would always make you feel great.

Laurie Justus Pace Contemporary Texas Artist


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