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03 February 2008

Before The Storm

Horse Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

18 x 27 inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas


I have begun my to do list for the day and it filled two pages of paper. Not a good sign that I will make it through the list. I have decided I will not answer the phone unless it is my mom or husband calling. I have committed NOT to check my email until lunch time once I get up from this computer. I am still three commission paintings behind, need to do my taxes, need to do my wash, etc etc.etc. SMILE

Morgan was over painting yesterday. He completed a small abstract and a contemporary nude that tastefully shows nothing but a bare back. It works nicely and I didn't hover over him when he painted. I was busy doing a landscape that turned into a horse of course. It seems when I approach the canvas I have something in mind and I begin to work that direction. Things change as I begin working the colors and the shapes and others things pull to emerge differently. I think life is that way too. Often we are in situations where our shoes no longer fit. They pinch our feet and we struggle to walk in them. The answer is to go to the shoe store and try on different pairs until you find something that fits and is comfortable so you can continue on your journey. Life is not exactly that easy to navigate. I often think it is the thought process that many of us learned on Sesame Street. "If I do this, this could happen, and if this happens I would react by doing this....etc" By meditating in prayer we can do this with God. Hopefully if you become quiet enough you will be confirmed in your thoughts on one of the scenarios you try on. Many people that love you will try and input their thoughts, but as you know you are wearing the shoes that pinch and you are the only one with God that can find the new comfortable pair.

Diet wise, Walking was only 3500 steps yesterday but calories intake was down. (Bill, I hope I spelled intake correctly!) While Morgan was here painting, Stacey and Larry arrived. She is starting a business of her own. I am working on her website. When we get it done I will share it with you all. Meanwhile I am off to work here in the wee hours of 6:15 a.m.

Grace to you,

"The LORD, before whom I have walked, will send his angel with you and make your journey a success." Genesis 24:40

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SiLa said...

Beautiful!!! Painting and text :)

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