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18 February 2015

Lost the Longhorns . Buried in Paint . Expressions of Creativity Exploding in the Studio . Wait until tomorrow . Laurie Pace

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Longhorns progres.


Lost the Longhorns . Buried in Paint . Expressions of Creativity Exploding in the Studio .  Wait until tomorrow . Laurie Pace

Well, you might see longhorns developing now but you sure won't see them tomorrow. Yep, you gotta come back to see what happens in the next episode.  I sent these off to Steve but he wanted my Moon Face Longhorn.  I loved the colors here and decided it was a case of scrap and blend.

It is always freeing and scary when you do that.  Sort of like in winter when you are so bundled up you cannot move and everything seems slower and more difficult.  You feel better when you can pull off your clothes and move with ease.  A painting is that way too. Sometimes I feel overburdened with too much representational parts to the painting and I want to just strip off the obvious.  And I did. 

Happiness is freedom on the canvas. Happiness of course if all types of good things like nature in bloom, puppies playing, playing  my guitar, baking fresh cookies, grandchildren blowing bubbles... painting outside the lines.  As we grow and develop in life we hopefully learn God's love through serving. Happiness is right there. It has been waiting for you to blow off all the 'expected stuff' you get involved in. Unburden yourself. Strip away all the chaos and commitments and simplify. You will find happiness and fulfillment. 


"May he grant you your heart's desire, and fulfill all your plans.  Psalm 20:4  

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Laurie Pace
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