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07 April 2012

Beginnings for Lady L, Her first REAL Painting. Proud Oma, Laurie Pace

Beginnings for Lady L  
My Mini Me

24 x 24 inches Acrylic

I was amazed watching her on the canvas with a piece of chalk...drawing off her flower. She just turned three two months ago.

Tomorrow on Easter you will see her finished painting. She will be visiting again tomorrow and I hope she will paint another one!

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The Pain of Yesterday

I lay in my bed wanting the day before to have been a bad dream.  The sun has not broken the horizon yet... and I lay here wide awake remembering. Yesterday was full of fear, anger, death and hope.

There had been a meeting of the elders and scribes in the predawn hours.  Peter really did deny knowing Jesus.  

But I am just as guilty as I stood in the shadows and watched it all happen. Many witnesses were called but no one could seem to agree on the same thing.  Peter denied knowing him three times.  It was not just once, but three times.  Peter how could you do that?


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