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03 November 2011

Pear Painting Kitchen Art by A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Pear Fun

Okay, I played around with this one and loved it. I may do more because it was so free to paint it. First I put a layer of color on the canvas, then drew with a brush and India Ink.  After that I worked in the oil paint and touched up a bit of the ink.
Mixed Media I guess! Oil and India Ink.
9 x 12 inches  Oil on Panel, ready to frame.

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The Good Things in Life...

What are the good things in life?

Popcorn at the movies?

A good book and a glass of wine?

A 25% raise in salary? A clean bill of health? Money back from the IRS?
What about the leaks under the slab... or a broken lawn mower?

Or what about that bad cold last month?

It is so easy to believe the 'good things' in life are from God and to be delighted when they come our way. It is easy to pray and give thanks to Him for those 'good things.'

What about those difficult things we face in life? Are they not part of God's gifts as well?


1 comment:

Norma Wilson said...

Love this combination Laurie...wonderful painting!

Laurie Justus Pace Contemporary Texas Artist


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