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26 July 2011

Sunbathing Buffalo Abstract Painting by Texas Contemporary Artist Laurie Pace

Sunbathing Buffalo

Available at a special price at Mirada Fine Art.
Email Steve and mention you saw the painting on the blog for special pricing.

The show ends on Saturday and so does the special pricing. Some of the paintings will go to my new Santa Fe Gallery and some will ship north to the Jackson Hole Gallery. 
24 x 36 inches   Oil on Canvas  
©Laurie Pace    Graphics One Design 1998-2011  
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Rest and Peace

What do you associate these words with?  Some folks might laugh and say death.  No wait, that is Rest in Peace.  You do not have to get so extreme to get rest and peace or even rest in peace. 

God offers that peace to us every single second of the day.  It is waiting to be inhaled in a deep breath and held and slowly expelled.  It is in the small humming bird on the feeder or the bee on the rose.  This simple peace passes all understanding all right... it passes over our heads and lives 98% of the day.

The challenge for you and me my friend is to figure out how to shake off all the blinders and empty your pockets of the rocks you carry. Then start breathing slow deep breaths. Refocus your mind and let go of ALL of your thoughts. Float on the peace and feel the rest.

In prayer when you ask for things, give thanks and know that it will be given. You will not always see the results as you think you should but God is working. Go back this weekend and allow Sunday to be a pure day of peace and rest.  Release ALL the struggles of the week or even the year. Do not worry about the good missing from your life.  You are so concentrated on what is missing, you can no longer see what you have.

You will find the abundance in peace as you rest. Your highest good is on its way to you right now. Prepare for this next Sunday....look forward to it like you do Christmas or family gatherings. Every day is the Lord's Day... every day you should experience this peace and rest, but start small if you must and lets aim for next Sunday. This gives you a few days to prepare and make it a habit.  Then spread some of that same stillness into every day.


"The Father who dwells in me does his works." John 14:10


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