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15 July 2011

Horse Painting APPY 3 Equine Art by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Appy 3 
Appaloosa Painting 36 x 36 inches

Oil on Canvas      
© Laurie Pace   Graphics One Design 


We will wait upon the Lord... We will wait upon the Lord.

So often we go to Him in pray for our needs... our healing wishes, our situations, our supplications for others.  We want to bring down to earth the powers of Heaven.  We want them now...but we must learn to wait upon the Lord.

We try to live our lives on our own figuring it all out... and we realize that is not working.  Drama happens, illness happens, life happens.  Sometimes you cry out to Jesus and you never seem to hear the answer.  I always refer to the Postcard from Heaven as I wait upon the Lord.

Constantly in our lives we need renewal and strength.  We want to soar with the eagles and fly through this life and not get weary.  We want to face our problems and challenges and not become faint.  How do we do this? We want to experience the fullness of waiting on the Lord and having the powers of Heaven come into our lives.

From my writing this week you are aware that I am worn out and burned out from travel and constant demands.  I wondered this week how long the wait would be to find my strength again. There are times we have to walk the journey while we are weary.  While we are walking, we are gaining in strength despite how we feel. Just making another day is a victory.  If we cannot learn to wait upon the Lord we will never experience the great powers of Heaven on earth.

The word wait in Hebrew is "qavah". It has two meanings, a literal meaning and a figurative meaning. Example would be using the word dead.  "I am dead tired." as compared to "The man in the coffin is dead."  Dead as in dead tired is used figuratively. The other is the literal usage of "the man is dead".

So back to 'qavah'.  The literal meaning is 'to bind together like a cord'.  This brings to my mind the image of our sailing ropes. They are small cords of rope woven together to make one larger strong rope. The more small pieces woven into the large rope, the stronger it is.   This would imply strength in numbers.  Our lives woven together with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The figurative meaning of 'qavah'  is to wait, to hope or to expect. Most translations of the Bible chose to interpret the word figuratively... waiting in anticipation.

SO how do you look at it now literally?  "Wait upon the Lord."  "Qavah upon the Lord"  Using the literal "Binding upon the Lord" or "woven upon the Lord"... so could it be the strength of our relationship with the Lord is stronger with the time we invest as we weave HIM into our lives daily?  The more relationship you have with the Lord, the more strength is available to you?  I want to be 'bound' to the Lord, woven with His heavenly presence.

It is there for the taking. Open your heart, your mind and your spirit to God and He will answer your prayers.   Yes we will wait upon the Lord, we will praise Him, thank Him, rejoice with Him, sing to Him, share with Him, embrace Him...and we will find the strength we need as He sends the powers of Heaven to surround us with His peace.


"but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31


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