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13 March 2011

Crab Apple Tree in Bloom, Landscape Tree Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace, Keeping Time with the Two Step

Crab Apple Tree in Bloom
15 x 30 inches  Oil on Canvas      SOLD
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Keeping Time

We were out late last night enjoying the sliver of golden moon and the brilliant stars lighting up the heavens. JR and Kelly had a group of us over for hamburgers, wine and dancing. JR used to teach country and western dancing and there were many of us not doing it right and we wanted to learn. 

They have a huge back concreted area with an entertainment cooking area, and a fire pit.  The temps began to drop about 7 but JR built up a huge toasty fire in the firepit and we gathered with four other families and the children in fellowship eating and enjoying the beauty of the clear night.  

We spent about an hour or two dancing the two step to 3/4 time and to 4/4 time.  We learned how to do the fancy twirling and laughed and enjoyed ourselves.  Believe me it will take quite a bit more practice, but I am hoping to clear the couches to the wall and practice practice practice.

Practicing it the only way you can get better at anything... and that includes praying. The more you pray the better it gets.  You develop that same strength that you do in dancing with a partner. JR told Terry he was the driver and he basically could drive me as his dancing partner anywhere on the dance floor.  

So, God is in the driver seat when it comes your life and praying.   Let God have the lead... He will take you in the right direction every time and you will avoid some of those nasty dance floor incursions.

Our prayers include the country of Japan right now. Terry and I have stayed in constant prayer for the devastation in this small island. I was moved last night watching news when we came home, that in Japan the people ALL work together caring for each other. There are not gangs of disruptive people running through and stealing things from houses and stores.  There is a strong sense of morality in that country and a deeper sense of respect and love for life and helping others.  I shake my head and worry about our country. We are indeed blessed to be here, but what exactly has happened to America?  We used to be like the Japanese are now, but somehow we have lost a huge amount of our morality, our sense of protectiveness and caring about others, and judgment ability to choose wiser courses.  Hurricane Katrina is a simple example.

Take care of your neighbor...lift up your arms, hands and heart to God the Father and step out on the dance floor. Give Him reign in your life as you finish your dance here on earth.

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