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31 January 2011

Abstract Painting 12011 For Sale by Contemporary Texas Artist Laurie Justus Pace, Faith is the foundation of life.

20 x 30 x 2 Acrylic on Canvas

 This is available for purchase, Just email me.

Contact me to purchase by check or paypal. Laurie
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As I was painting, I was listening to Ellis Paul singing about the star inside the apple and the little seeds that make up the star.  I began to think about how a seed can fall from one of the pine trees or one of the oaks through an acorn onto the ground.  The soil surrounds it, comforts it and takes it into its being and it becomes one with the ground and then one with the forest as the seed begins to sprout and grow into a sapling and then a full tree as it's branches stretch skyward to God's warm smile.

Our faith is the same.  We start out with just that small seed of hope that God is truly all everyone has celebrated and praised.  We allow our faith to grow steadily as we are taken in by others of the faith and nurtured along, developing a strong prayer life and realization that God truly is there for us all the time.  We turn our hearts and soul upward to His light.  

The tree offers shelter in the forest and our faith offers us shelter from the storms of life.  Through our faith we are reassured with His peace and walk in His light. 

This blog entry is number 1640.  I have blogged for 1640 days.  When I first started blogging I had absolutely no idea what would happen as the years went by.  Years... how many years is 1640 days? That is four and a half years of blogging.  My faith stayed the course and the journey has been a blessing in many ways.  SO if you are just starting out blogging with your art work, keep the faith and keep on posting.

"Truly I tell you, if you have faith and do not doubt, ...even if you say to this mountain, "be lifted up and thrown into the sea," it will be done." Matthew 21:21

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