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17 October 2010

Through the Fall Foliage Equine Art Painted Pony Pull Horizon Horses Oil Painting by Texas Contemporary Artist Laurie Pace

'Through the Fall Foliage'
24 x 36  Oil on Canvas

A Rare Treat... one of my horizon Painted Pony Pulls.
I have limited the number I paint every year to keep them more collectible.
Other artists attempt to imitate the approach,  but if you ever seen one of mine in  person you realize
there is no comparison in the technique and the paints. 
This is a developed style that I have worked on since 2006.
Read more about it on my website, the History of the Painted Pony.

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It was a rough night.  I was sound asleep when Terry woke me at three to see if I felt all right.  I told him I did feel all right when I was asleep... why was he waking me up?  He said he didn't feel good and was worried he had made us sick from something he cooked from dinner.  That woke me up.  Then he proceeded to allow several subjects of squirrels loose into the bedroom.  Heck they went from his cage in his head into mine. Ten minutes later he was snoring away and I looked at the clock at 3:30 and thought, "NO WAY."  

I laid there discussing this with God and I  was up at four thirty and came in  here to work on websites and do "stuff".  Thought I would blog early too. Might as well.

Despite the time it is now, egads 4:45 am,  this brand new Sunday beings with prayer and the knowledge that He lives with in me.  Despite the early hour I am determined to remain positive and not allow old thoughts and squirrels to get in my way this morning.   It is time to allow the creativity to flow and embrace the new day with positive new thoughts. (Which do not include shaking him awake.)

Heck, maybe he needs to celebrate the sunrise with me...but that won't be up until 7am.. that is still two hours away.  I will release my negative thoughts and through goodwill allow him to sleep in peace and I will go about my day knowing this is the day that the Lord has made.

I pray for you an inner peace this day.  Believe in abundance and it will be yours.


"Our inner nature is being renewed day by day." 2 Corinthians 4:16

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