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04 September 2010

Face Forward Omega Series Abstract Art Painting by Contemporary Artist Laurie Justus Pace

'Face Forward Omega Series'
24 x 18  Acrylic on Canvas

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The cool has arrived but for a short time.  High fifties as I write this blog this morning. Morgan is headed out from Lewisville to help Terry with yard work and our beach area to the pond.  We cannot burn anything due to the burn ban but Terry has his new chain saw to put into action.

Yesterday I mentioned a quote from Ben, the one about "You can get glad just as fast as you get sad/mad."  The more I thought about it, I wondered what exactly does it take to get your spirit to soar and rebound from the sad or mad.  Each of us has a spiritual strength woven through out our being. It must be this force that is able to uplift us in the darkest times. It is this same spirit that supports us when we extend ourselves out past that line of safety... that one we always set for ourselves.   Many times we miss something special because we limit what we do.  This keeps us from realizing our full divine potential.

See how often you use that spiritual strength.  It might be to start something new, like giving up sugar, or beginning an exercise program.  It could be giving up one job and starting a new one, or even having the faith to step out and start your own business.  It might mean giving up coffee or alcohol.  It might even mean giving up being grumpy or negative.  Every moment is a new and it is a moment filled with potential and possibilities.

You are meant to soar with the power of the spirit. You are meant to let go of the fears that hold you back. You are meant to use the abilities and gifts God has placed in you as He created you.  Now have true faith in the Father and allow yourself to soar.

"Happy are those whose strength is in you." Psalm 84:5

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