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29 September 2010

The Beta Acrylic Abstract Equine Art Horse Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Justus Pace

'The Beta'
20 x 30  Acrylic on Canvas

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This painting is also available in  giclee prints on canvas or on paper and in greeting cards.

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The hot tub...that is my thought this morning. It was 54 degrees outside and Terry cleaned up the hot tub yesterday and we hit it this morning.  I feel like  a wet noodle slightly overcooked, but pretty good. A shower, clean hair drip drying and a good breakfast coming up next.

I wanted to blog early this morning as yesterday's blog was posted so late. That book was about to drive me insane...but it is done. Thank goodness.  Debbie Lincoln proof read it on Monday and we went to print late yesterday. Now I have to paint for the show and I will be doing that today.

Yesterday while the computer was tied up with the upload to LULU, I spent part of the morning cleaning up the kitchen. God knows HOW MUCH I LOVE MY HUSBAND ....but.... the man has no sense in housework and keeping things simple.  Like for instance:  he needs some tomato puree for spaghetti sauce. He opens the cabinet up where all these things reside, soups, tomato paste, puree, beans, veggies etc., and despite the fact that the puree is in front, he empties 75% of the cabinet on the counter to make sure he likes what he has in hand.  He finished up the cooking and even cleans up the dishes....but everything he removed from the cabinet is still on the counter.  Now after you do that a few days in a row, you have nothing left in the cabinet, it is all over the counters.  Next issue was the dead space above the cabinets.  He had that filled with hummingbird feeders, wire vegetable racks for his grill, the fish wire cooker, cereal boxes, empty egg cartons... I would literally tense up every time I walked into the kitchen. There was NO open counter space.

The  agreement was when he retired, and I had to still work with my art, that he would be in charge of the kitchen.  I have to renege on this deal or I will go crazy.  Within three hours I cleaned out every cabinet, throwing away expired cans, boxes etc, restacked everything...cleaned out the hall linen closet which is partial pantry and loaded it with cans of fruit, extra sugar, brownie mixes etc., and took the quilts and photos from that same closet and he carefully packed those in his mother's cedar chest in the guest room. 

So I feel slightly more civil with a calm kitchen that does not look like it is on the attack every time I walk into it....

Keep your life simple. Begin cleaning out and eliminating clutter in your life.  That is how you will find simple ABUNDANCE.


Protect me, O God, for in you I take refuge.--Psalm 16:1

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