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26 August 2010

New Painting in Progress Contemporary Equine Horse Art Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

A new Commission Piece begins.
48 x 60 inches  

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I had another light bulb experience yesterday. Have no clue where this is going but praying as I write.  I was hungrily looking through my latest edition of American Art Collector and saw incredible work on every single page of this new issue.  It was mind boggling.  Even Terry has picked it up several times to go through it.  The depth and diversity of talent this days is mind boggling.  

As an artist, a creative person, you are pulled to different compositions as you go through the magazine. You admire ALL of it, but some of it pulls at your heart.  Some things you look at may pull you to say, 'Let me try to paint something like this.' No No No... stay centered in your work and your journey and not someone else's.  What I gained for a moment was the realization of what attracted me.  What type of art was pulling at me the most?  Was it the realism, the impressionism, the expressionism, the abstract, the wicked, the soft pastels...what was it?  

Growing up in my teens I was deeply involved with pen and ink. I have done some pretty cool pieces with the technique I developed back then and I loved doing it.  I have not seen anything like it today, so I may revisit it.  I was contacted by a man in St Louis that had bought a piece of work I did in the 8th grade... ART2.  He asked if it was my work sending me a picture of it.  Terry and I were both 'Wowed' . 
It is something I might want to get back just to keep to remind myself every day of the pieces of my life that make up my style and my art, part of MY journey.  Of course my Mom has many pieces in her home as does my younger brother.

When I was at Asel Art on Monday I picked up a case for my prisma colors. That was my second love. I cannot say I am well developed with them but I am pretty good. Also have done remarkable work with just crayons. YES you heard me, regular Crayola Crayons.  Small tiny overlapping circles creates a masterpiece.   So I will be branching off playing over the next few weeks. 

Painting my horses is always a passionate time. The new one above is a 4 ft by 5 ft piece that will live in Georgia.  I was playing diverse music from the sixties and seventies balanced out by Joshua Radin and Nora Jones.
But back to my main thought... I wandered away from it... how many of us are chameleons?  We follow what others are doing seeking happiness or trying to find our own journey.  Should I paint like this or that?  Should I change up my style?  Should I do 180 degrees and go back to realism?  In life we ask ourselves if we should follow the crowd all the time doing what others are doing as we seek acceptance.

Acceptance must come from with in. The Lord created you just as you are today, right now at this moment.  You are a treasure of talents He was woven into your being and until you stop and realize how fabulous you are, you will continue to wander around following the journey of others.  Find what is passionate for YOU in this life and do it.  Don't waste another minute if you are not enjoying what you are doing and where you are.   Life is precious, live it not wait until tomorrow. 


“Great peace have they who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble.”- Psalm 119:165

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Eleatta Diver said...

Hi Laurie, I just stumbled upon your work and blog. I just love your approach, your outlook, and your worldview. Your blog is wonderfully laid out and everything is woven together so nicely. I'm so excited to have "met" you. Blessings!

Laurie Justus Pace Contemporary Texas Artist


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