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08 August 2010

Desert Sun 30 x 40 Abstract Contemporary Equine ARt Horse Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Desert Sun'
30 x 40  Oil on Canvas

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Morning has broken with reflections of yesterday and our trip.  The first word that came to mind as we drove north/northwest was the word obstacles. Driving up to Bogota from Mt Vernon is about 25 miles from our place. We then turn northwest toward Paris Texas.  That is where it came to mind.  Two lane road with speed limit of 70.  We are behind a truck pulling a very very large red combine on a trailer.  He kept trying to pull partially off on the side of the road but oncoming traffic was too thick to chance it.  We got around him finally and then we encountered someone's new house ( Modular home) being trucked up Hwy 271.  Not only did you have the truck pulling the long trailer bed with the house on it..(It had a pretty green roof and shutters) you had a follow truck with blinking lights.  This group was only going maybe 35 mph and it was way wide.  They were already over the side of the the road.  It took about 10 min before we were clear for a long enough distance to get around all of that parade.  

We cruised into Paris with out another problem and took the south loop around to Hwy 82.  Heading dead west we then encountered a truck hauling used appliances going slow; the next one was a semi truck in training.  A new truck driver was in a 'learning truck' getting a feel of the road with an instructor.  We were not clear if he was going slow because of it being his first lesson or if there was  a governor on the gas to keep him under 50 mph.  After following him about 10 min with out a chance to pass, we began to slow down more.  As we went around another curve I could see ahead of the training truck where there were two old farm trucks pulling two old trailers full of cows. They were only going about 40 mph.  

We could have grown frustrated but we were at our exit for Bonham at last.   It suggested to me that obstacles are part of life every single day. Often they slow us down or even bring us to a screeching halt.  When you try to run around them you usually encounter more obstacles by trying to avoid the first one.   Might be best to just slow down during your day and sit back and wait.  Why are we always in such a hurry?

I do have a laugh for the day. On the way home in Toco, TX we passed a house and I saw a silver mail box with the red flag up on the side of the road.  That usually means mail is in the box waiting to be picked up. Well, the box was mounted on the top of a flag pole by the road and not on ground level. It was clearly marked on the side, "AIR MAIL".  I had visions of an old Cessna swooping down and the pilot reaching for the mail to go out!


“For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; it is he who will save us.”- Isaiah 33:22

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