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17 August 2010

Black on Red Abstract Contemporary Equine ART Horse Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'Black on Red'
9 x 12 Acrylic on Canvas
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Blessed was the day yesterday.  So many times in life things just never ever ever go as you plan them. Something in the works always missteps due to someone not understanding the undertaking or someone just not doing their job.

There was much ahead of us rising early yesterday and as we left Stacey's house to cross the metroplex and head for the VW Boardwalk place in Richardson, Texas, Terry tried the air conditioner and it actually worked so we had air for the ride into Dallas from Ft Worth.  We had to be at the VW place before 7:30 am and we left Stacey's at 5:55 am.  We drove to Terry's Dad's home to pick up his vehicle and Terry followed me to the VW service place.  

We arrived on the nose at 7:20.  They checked the car in and we followed through with our morning of appts etc and lunch with his dad.  Promptly (they promised the car ready at one...) at 12:45, they phoned and said it would be ready in 20 min for pickup.  We made two more stops and then like clockwork picked up our repaired Passat, dropped off Ben's car and left Dallas by three. That was really important to be at the Vet's in Sulphur Springs to gather up our dog before they closed up at five. 

What truly were the odds, of making all appted times, getting the car repaired, even getting in a few needed stops at Whole foods and the hobby store for TP... and getting back to gather up the dog and arrive home by 5:30?  I can tell you I was in disbelief the entire day that it all went right. It just never happens that way. 

After praying and thanking Him for a safe journey upon our arrival home last night, I came to the conclusion it was because I had started the day with no true expectations except for making ONE doctors appt.  We were inflexible on that one.  We had decided if the car could not be completed, Paddy would stay one more day at the vet's and we would spend the night in Dallas.  We remained 'floating' and flexible all day yesterday and the day panned out event after event like there was a conductor leading the music.  It was incredible. 

Now can I do that every day?  Can I go into today knowing there are one or two need to get done things and then leave the rest up to Him and his flow? I am going to try it. Wanna do it with me?

The Lord is good to all, and his compassion is over all that he has made.--Psalm 145:9

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