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02 August 2010

Beginnings of Four Abreast Horse Equine Art Oil Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Beginnings of Four Abreast

30 x 40  Oil on Canvas
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The beginning of a painting is always a hesitation.  The drawing is not.... is usually flows from the charcoal to the canvas and then I step back to see what I have done. God must have paused on and off often to see what His different creations looked like from a step back. Do we do that in life too?  The part about jumping in and doing and then hesitating and stepping back?  I can honestly say on this painting I prayed over it before I began.   Even then the hesitation was there because I was doubting myself, not doubting God.   

Prayer first and action second. It saves a lot of time.


Behold the beauty of the Lord.--Psalm 27:4


Gary Keimig said...

great start Laurie.
I think God takes great delight at watching our endeavors as artists or anything creative as He was the most creative of all and as we also take delight in His creations. With God behind us we do not fail in all we do. Even in our so-called failures we are learning and becoming better because of what we are doing-If we give Him the praise and glory.
God blesss,

Curtis said...

Speaking of god-given creativity, I thought this was worth quoting:
Grand is the prospect of new worlds and altered realities, which is, by birthright, deeply inherent in the unrepressed imaginations of all men. – Curtis Verdun

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