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05 October 2009

'Horse of Color 2' Equine Art Horse Modern Contemporary Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

'No. 348 A Horse of Color'
24 x 36
Acrylic on Canvas

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The PaintingSHEER joy in the creation.  Lots of water, and lots of color as the background is layered on in several movements and runs.  Then came the sketching and the center layers (About three or four) and then can the top layers of heavy color pull.. endlessly... and breathlessly.

The Thought: Saturday was get it all done day hoping to have some rest and relaxation on Sunday.  I was going to visit Dad but due to the past few days of lack of sleep and my knee being out of whack, I followed through trying to catch up on that darn list.  I regretted it when I saw the picture my brother posted on the web.  I miss my dad so much.  You cannot put off seeing those you love today...they may not be there tomorrow, or you may not be there tomorrow.

I spent the day racing around picking up dog food or my starving pups. (Good heavens it was 2 hours past feeding time....yikes.) Then to the health food store. (Northlake Health Food Store, I have used them for 30 years or more, Steve is family to me.) Then to Albertson's for some groceries.  I debated driving to Whole Foods and decided to save time and gas.  Home to unpack groceries, clean out the refrigerator, clean out the pantry (Did you ever do that to clear out the expired cans? We have to do it all the time being a licensed foster home... I have one neat pantry.) and then clean the house.  The Daughter helped with all the floors with out too much complaint leaving me dusting, mirrors etc.  She did her bathroom and I did ours.  About two hours later we completed that JUST in time for me to scramble dinner together.  We had soft tacos, a family favorite here.  Cleaning the kitchen was next and a dash back to the studio to finish up the painting above.  I turned off the computer about eight and was in bed by nine.

That darn list looks pretty good. Lots of stuff scratched off.  I told Terry we had to do packing for shipping on Sunday because TINK is coming today...MONDAY.  I cannot wait!  I miss that baby so much. One day I want to take her to dad. He won't remember her, but for those precious hours he will be with her...God is good.

So back to my original ranting of taking time today to see someone you love. If you can't see them, call them.  Saying I love you and I care about you means the world.

Hey Mom... I love you!


Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.” Proverbs 27:1

1 comment:

Grammie Jan said...

Ahhhhhhh your little Tink is growing so fast and cute and may I add pretty as a picture. Oh, I love babies!

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