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18 January 2009

Three in the Field
Contemporary Art Horse Equine Daily Oil Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

6 x 6 inches Oil on linen canvas
SOLD at 5:30 am Eastern Time January 19th.

Contact me to purchase: Laurie

These three horses speak to me of Family. As Terry and I wait in quiet anticipation for Lauren Gracen to be born into our family, we remember and celebrate how Adam and Eve must have felt when they created their first child and Eve gave birth to Cain. God's creating continued...He only let us believe He was done....and today He is still at work 24/7.

It is His divine process that makes conception and birth possible. We always think of this happening involving the creation of this child due to the parents, but it was the third presence of God that truly made it all possible. This child grows up as all children do, learning to be independent; yet always with this child is the indwelling spirit of God.

Celebrate Family today. Call someone you love and tell them something special you remember from earlier years. If you call mom or dad, remember something really special they did for you in your lifetime that might have made you who you are today. If you call a sibling, remember some childhood moments you shared that made life extra special.

As I reflect back, I remember a grandmother that put her love in caring for all of us. Her delicious home made caramel rolls, fresh rolled out egg noodles and the times she would read to me from the book , "The Secret Garden". Grandma was always quilting and sewing too. (If you are a blog reader, remember the green polyester robe I kept for 40 years?) From my Mom I remember her singing and bringing the joy of music into my life sharing her gifts and providing me with lessons for the piano. For my Dad, he was always working. From him came my sense of strength to go after what I believed in life and to never give up. If you keep working at it, you will get there. My older brother, gee, he used to make me play army men and managed to always direct me to sit somewhere the ant piles. My younger brother, well, Mom had him for me and no one else. He was mine to love and care for. My best friend had a little brother too, and we took them everywhere. It was nice once I could drive, Mom would always give me the car if I took my little brother with me. My St Louis Family, home, laughter, love and the smell of Dial soap from my aunt and uncle's downstairs shower. OH, and as I have shared with Terry, the wonderful bakery goods from a bakery in South St Louis. Eating a piece of coffee cake full of icing and still mounding butter on it with my knife. Family, ah the memories..... thank you God.

Joy and Abundance,


"Now Adam slept with his wife, Eve, and she became pregnant. When the time came, she gave birth to Cain, and she said, "With the Lord's help, I have brought forth a man." Genesis 4:1

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