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20 April 2008

Landscape Painting by Laurie Justus Pace

SOLD $750
18 x 27 inches

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(Gee, I dream about a long painting of trees like this 24 x 48 inches in length....)

The last two years in the summer I have done trees and I guess I am back doing a few again. As I was laying in bed last night with my sketchbook in hand I was sketching out trees everywhere. In my mind I see this large painting 24 x 48 inches with these heavy oak trees going across... you would feel like munchkin in the midst of it as you view it. May have to do it anyway. This painting went out in one of my few mailers to top collectors and went with in hours. They have a painting called "the other side of the world" which had a unique touch similar to this and had a good feel to mix the two in the room...or that is what she said when she phoned.

Terry is home today and we are off to church in just a few moments. More of the wonderful Jack Van Vessem Sunday school lesson. He is truly a blessed teacher. How I wish he had time to blog and share his lessons and his thoughts in your life every day.

My thought to share today is on something we are all guilty of. We get so mired in our "problems" we stay burdened. I received a note from a young woman, age 85, that I sent a painting to, for her new home. Her old home had burned to the ground. She was at the store and had lost everything by the time she returned. I could not even begin to understand what it would feel like to arrive home and EVERYTHING be burned to the ground.

I could only imagine her devastation and once she had a new place I sent artwork to her. In a note she sent me she said, "But Laurie, let me tell you I have not grieved over that (the loss). I recognize what was lost but I also recognize a Power in my life that means good in my life, regardless of circumstances. It has taken a lifetime (I am 85), for me to learn that."

If I could share with you today something to carry in heart, it would be just that. Everything that burdens your heart with worries or with 'stuff' in your life is nothing compared to the power and love of the Lord. If you can believe you are free in life to explore unlimited possibilities, the peace of mind is yours. Allow yourself time and space today to escape any inner confusion and problems in your life. There is freedom in this time. Then as you meditate, go forward from here and act from the wisdom that God fills in you. He is there and you are free if you just take a deep breath and let it go.


"I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts." Psalm 119:45

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