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13 January 2015

Healing Power . Laurie Pace . Strength of Friendship . Making the Journey

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 Hayden and Aspen . Commissioned Painting . Oil Canvas . Sold


Making the Journey with a Friend.

All the medicine in the world cannot heal someone if their heart does not want to heal. Loneliness takes the life of many people every day.. day by day, little by little, part of the mind and body pull further away from the world in their personal journey. 

Sharing time with those you love is primary. Letting people know you care about them and you are invested in their life can make a difference. Make a call today to someone you love that you have not spoken to.  My oldest friend is in Austin. We have not spoken by phone in years.  Maybe I will call her today.  I want her to know I love her and pray for her. We catch up on Facebook maybe once a month, but I miss hearing her voice.  I really do not know what is going on in her life right now.  We are all plugged in too much to our computers (yes here I sit) and our relationships are internet friendships.  I want to get back to 'in your face' relationships. I am willing to change. Are you?

Throughout this day mindfully practice gratitude for what you have and then think of someone you need to share your time with giving back to help someone else feel whole and loved. You and I can make a difference. 

"On the day I called, you answered me, you increased my strength of soul" Psalm 138:3


** Hayden and Apsen was painted as a commissioned painting back in 2007.  That family has been on a journey that would reduce most of us to total depression. They battled and faced cancer down several times with their youngest son (not Hayden).  The battle came to an end last year as he soared on angel wings to heaven. If you know someone dealing with a sick child, is there anything you can do to lighten their load?  Give where you can.  

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Laurie Pace
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