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27 October 2014

Knifing the Flowers... The Fair Flowers by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

  ©+Laurie Pace       Graphics One Design 2014

 Size: 24 x 30  Oil on Canvas.


Change is inevitable with seasons; when a painting hangs around the studio it is leaving itself WIDE open to me picking on it.  Yes it happened to these 'Fair Flowers'.  They became "Knifed". 

I am not sure what bugged me but I began reworking the painting and piling on literally layers and layers of oil. The original painting was with brush.  I just could not stand it. I love the simplicity and weave of textures, but piled paint is my expertise.  

You can see as I worked the flowers took a dramatic change as did the vase. I added two loose flowers on the table top next to the vase. The story was not complete. Now it is.

The changes took place over a two day period as I would work on it awhile and then walk away for awhile to get a new perspective. 

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How glorious he was, surrounded by the people, as he came out of the house of the curtain. Like the morning star among the clouds, like the full moon at the festal season; like the sun shining on the temple of the Most High, like the rainbow gleaming in splendid clouds; like roses in the days of first fruits,  like lilies by a spring of water, like a green shoot on Lebanon on a summer day;  like fire and incense in the censer, like a vessel of hammered gold studded with all kinds of precious stones; Sirach 50:5-9

Blessings, Laurie


 Post note: Sirach is accepted as part of the Christian biblical canons by Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and most of Oriental Orthodox. The Anglican Church do not accept Sirach as canonical but only should be read, "for example of life and instruction of manners; but yet doth not apply them to establish any doctrine."[5] 

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Laurie Pace
A Texas Artist 


© Graphics One Design 2014

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