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05 November 2013

Having a Birthday

My awesome parents.

Mom and me.

No painting to share this day, but a prayer of thanksgiving for the two wonderful parents that brought me into this world and raised me with the Father's love. My parents were pretty exceptional people, even while I was growing up. My mom always went the extra mile on those dad gum science projects and, I did actually learn how to make water run up hill.   My dad had the ability to guide me to answers in life by making his infamous LIST.  I painfully learned to make my own lists and to this day, that is usually how I have to arrive at those difficult to make decisions.

On this birthday I celebrate life, family and love. I give thanks for the gift of great parents, and I give thanks for all the wonderful gifts the Father has blessed me with to make this journey. 

 Terry and I in the summer of 1966.

Terry and I sharing our lives....

Our children.

 My girlfriends, Debbie and Victoria.

Old friends and cousins...

 The man that gave me my first kiss in 4th grade... far right.
(Also our family doctor.)
My loving husband in the center.

Our grandson Jonathan, who is now 16.

The Tink aka Lady L, 
our only granddaughter, who stole my heart when she was born.

 Her magical moods and her love for colors...

My newest Grandson, Mark Edward.

My music and my art.

Thank you Lord for this day, the gift of life and the grace of love.

Gary Mueller via facebook:

“The People Who’ve Made You Who You Are”
They’ve been part of your life from the moment you were born. Some are family, others friends. Some are around all the time, others just flit in and out. Some are alive, others have died. These are the people who’ve made you who you are. It would be nice to be able to say God placed every single one of them in your path. But that’s not true, especially those who’ve brought great pain. But while God’s not responsible for what every person has done, God always helps you deal with the impact they’ve made by enhancing the good, healing the bad and helping you grow in grace, compassion, generosity and joy. So take time today to lift up to God those who’ve made you who you are. Give thanks to God for the saints. Pray for the sinners. And ask God to let you grow into a positive difference-maker in others’ lives. #GodNMe

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