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03 January 2012

Horse Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Cannot Remember the Name...
but I remember the day I painted it.
It was a Sunday morning early before Church and I was pulling ribbons of color. 
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 Oh What  A Day

I truly debated on my feelings last night. I was in my studio cleaning up and a group of children and some parents arrived at the pond behind our house. Part of the pond is our property, part is with the lot across the pond, which belongs to our Home Owners Association. 

This is a gorgeous neighborhood of high end homes in the millions on this lake.  Ours is quite a bit simpler as we are next to the lake but not on it.  It is also a gated community. I love watching children fishing in the pond with parents as it warms my heart to see time spent with young ones...but late yesterday caught me totally by surprise as one of the men in the group basically unzipped and whizzed away right in public. A long whiz.

You seen pictures of where we live.. it is beautiful and very natural... but that was beyond my thoughts.

I decided next time I will shoot pictures and share them with the Home Owners Association. Perhaps they want a port-a potty in our neighborhood area. (I know not.) 

I know growing up my parents demanded manners from us. There are certain rules accepted in our lifestyle that to me are pretty basic. This violated everything I have been taught. My anger grew and I walked away... bringing Paddy inside and settling back to work on my computer. I knew I had to recenter and not think about it.  Terry suggested having homemade cookies ready to share with them and try to approach it from a different angle.  Tomorrow we will walk around and clean up all the trash they left behind.  

Think about others when you do things today. Your actions speak loudly.

Hummm...maybe a sign...No whizzing on this property? I can only imagine how God feels about many of the things we do that totally bring His jaw dropping.

Words of my heart, 

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12 NIV



T.Gomez said...

That is such a violation of standards. My message to everyone is to keep your footprint SMALL in all things. Pick up after yourself, control your ego, respect Mother Earth as you should respect yourself and others. Sorry for going off, but this upsets me so.

sue k said...

Our prior home backed up to the ninth hole of a golf course. It was amazing how many men thought if they turned around and pee'd into the woods across the fairway that we couldn't see them. Signs didn't help, tho we did consider a "Danger, poison ivy!" sign. :) Just bless him/them and move on. As my hubby tells me, be above it...

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