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05 December 2011

Progress Land of the Longhorns, Longhorn Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Progression Texas Land of the Longhorns

Preparing the way for this painting seems timely with preparation of Advent for the birth of Jesus.
This is the second, third and fourth layer of oils on top of the beginning acrylic layer of Indian yellows.  Wait as it develops and you will watch the building of layers over time creating a unique painting unlike any other in my Longhorn Series. Each is different with layerings and colors.

35 x 53 inches Oil on Canvas 

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Anticipation - Preparing the Heart

In this second week of advent we begin to really anticipate the coming of the Christ Child. No matter what messes remain in our lives, it is time to look above to Him to be set free.

If you still remain head down concentrating on things in the worldly existence, this week it is time to lift your face to God's light. It is shining all around you, but your back is still to Him in your focus on other things. These things matter not in the spiritual realm.

Prepare your life for the coming of this joy. Turn to His light.  Let go of what holds you down and raise your hands in praise to Him. He  holds His grace ready for you to receive.

I learn this from a special woman.  She of all people is trapped in a worldly situation not of her making. She does trust the Lord with all of her heart, and yet she knows she is an advocate responsible for someone's care.

When she gets home at night, she releases it all and turns to God in prayer immediately giving Him all the worries that fill her mind as she journeys through this earthly maze.  If we could all learn to do this we would rest better at night and greet each morning open minded and ready to receive the goodness He has for us.

Laurie         VERSE

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