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25 November 2011

Progression Horse Painting Watering Hole by A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Progression on The Watering Hole

I continue to layer color on color watching the blends develop.
This is an intense process of uncertainty in the outcome.
24 x 36 inches Oil on Canvas    

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"Traveling a Road with Uncertainty and Expectation"

Church last Sunday was filled with so much power and love that it is literally spilling over to this blog.
A week ago we had a hands on healing ceremony for two of our church members. Both dear to us, but one I have known most of my life, Victoria.  She had surgery this week as did Andrea.  Our minister Jack led us in a healing ceremony anointing both women with oil from the Holy Land.

They two women sat across from each other as Becky laid prayer shawls on their shoulders and we all came forward to pray over them. The power that surrounded them was filled with love and expectation that God would provide for everything on their individual journeys.

Every day in life we each travel a road filled with uncertainty.  The phrase I borrowed above from the service was in conjunction with a coming bible study before Christmas, but the words ring true every single day of our lives.

We wake up each morning with such high hopes and expectations for that day. Often our hopes are crushed early when plans change and life happens. Hence the expectations and the uncertainty.

A good friend wrote me a tremendous email touching on so many wonderful things but something that sticks here is the physical world we live in has so many demands and we often allow those demands to destroy us and we lose sight of the spiritual world and our true meaning of existence to be an expression of God.  If we truly believe God will provide for everything we need, there can be no uncertainty, only expectation and love.

Words of my heart, inspired by others that have touched my life.  CLICK here to read more.



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