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06 November 2011

The Beginning Of An Equine Painting by A Texas Artist Laurie Pace

The Beginnings of an Equine Painting

This is the first step of a new painting. 30 x 40 is the canvas size I am working with. The first thing I do is come up with the theme or reason for the painting other than playing in paint.
I chose to paint about all the horses involved with the Lone Ranger. His first horse was Dusty. Dusty was replaced by Silver, a beautiful white horse he saved from an attacking buffalo.  

Pre-Sketch for Pace equine Painting
Tonto road a horse named White Fellar in the beginning, so he was actually on a white horse while the Lone Ranger road Dusty a Chestnut mare.  After Tonto gave a Chief friend White Feller, the Chief gave him a Paint Pony.  I could not find a name for this one, but the final Paint Pony Tonto rode was Scout.  The Lone Ranger had let Silver go to run free and Silver returned with Scout. 

Now you have the full outlay of the horses 
Home Work
of the Lone Ranger and from this I 
Now you have the full story of the horses of the Lone Ranger and from this I drew up with my composition of horses.  My painting entitled the Gathering sold at the Dutch Art Gallery in late October before the Show opened for the Artists of Texas. I am working on a piece to replace that one.  

Golden Cloud will be living in California with a wonderful new owner.
For those of you that do not know, Golden Cloud is truly more well known by his actor name of TRIGGER, horse of Roy Rogers.

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 Having a Birthday...

Waking up this morning begins a new year for me.
 A new cycle, a new year, a new moment to begin this new age.

Celebrate life with me and the beauty of the miracle of birth.

So much love surges through me with thanks to two of the best parents God could provide.  He knew what was needed and He made it happen.

How we survive birth is amazing in itself... and then childhood... woaw. Surviving that and high school, then college, marriage and my own kids?

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T.Gomez said...

I love the lesson - thanks for sharing. Enjoyed seeing your work "in person" at the Gallery reception yesterday. Sorry I didn't get to meet you personally - maybe next time.

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