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04 September 2011

Red Poppy Painting for Sale by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Red Poppies on Blue

Gorgeous Red Poppies painted with a palette knife. The paint is scraped 
and pulled dimensionally into a three dimensional effect. 
Beautiful Flower Painting by Laurie Pace
3 ft by 3 ft  Oil on Canvas    

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During the day we tend to get into routine motions and activities. Our minds will wander off into thought and we mindlessly carry on doing our chores or work. While I believe this to be an ability we need to use when we meditate, escaping from the chaos of our lives and focusing on God... I am not convinced it is something we should do daily.

 You need to be alive and awake in the moment...this moment that God has given you this day. Be Conscious of the present moment.  Stay away from mindful projections of things in the future, or you will lose the precious moment you have right now.  You will never get it back again.  Be alive with awareness and make conscious choices with what is happening at this moment in your life.

 At those frustrating times of long lines in stores, look around you and find joy and perfection in the moment of standing in that line. Breath and meditate on the Lord or purposely pray for those you see in line. You can tell a whole lot about folks by what they are buying.  When you are in traffic and it is at a standstill, use this moment to be appreciative of your life by breathing in His Spirit and giving thanks as you count your blessings.

Being mindful you will be aware of His gifts and His grace. Give up on frustration, worry an doubt. You are creating your life in this very moment and it is purposeful. Build this day one moment at a time. Make that moment count in your life.

Simple Abundance...


“The earth is filled with your love, LORD; teach me your decrees.” Psalm 119:64 NIV


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