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03 September 2011

Flower Painting, Tiny Pink Roses by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Tiny Pink Roses

5 x 7 inches Oil on Canvas  
 ©Laurie Pace    Graphics One Design 1998-2011  
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Living with HeArt

Our granddaughter was visiting this week and I have to share a picture or two from the visit.  Bampa aka Terry says she is a spirit to be reckoned with. When she is slightly aggravated with a situation she knits her eyebrows, grits her teeth and begins to shake in defiance. You want to laugh but you dare not to.  On the other side, this sweet Lady L reflects much of me in her with her immediate draw to the piano within the first 60 seconds she is in the house. 

 From there she works her way to the harp, an instrument she was drawn to at 3 months of age. See first picture to your left.  She would crawl or scoot her way to the harp as we placed it near her blanket on the floor.  She loved reaching out with her fingertips to hear the strings sing out and echo through the house.

Then look at picture just below taken last year at Tara and Justin's wedding. She was 18 months old here.  She truly is a musical child. 

Before they arrived I was in preparation. We had water colored together often, but had not painted with real heavy paint.  

I adjusted the smaller easel in the studio to her height  and after dinner she came in to paint.  We removed her sweet sundress (Also an Oma Me thing... I prefer dresses) and allowed her to really get into it.The first thing I noticed after I looked at the pictures was her stance at the easel.. just like mine, one arm tucked behind as I am working.  She is also right handed most definitely.  Next I watched as she approached her canvas, carefully choosing paint colors...

and as you can see adjusting them across the canvas, working the entire canvas at once and not just one area.

First she asked me for reds, and then yellows.  We had just started doing blue when Bampa snapped this shot of her at the easel...working hard.  Nothing was distracting to her. She moved across the canvas diligently.  I should have primed it first with a color, but did not. This one is all her.  Wonder if God thinks about that... priming us first?  We tend to be all about us as we begin life as an empty canvas and through the years the paint is applied in layers, like our life is lived. The choices are always up to us and sometimes they are not the best choices.

 The painting continued with all her favorite colors and an intensity that I loved to see as she worked the colors over and around and through weaving color and brush strokes. Daddy was watching at one point and tried to get her to do a happy face. That resulted in a stern 'No Daddy' as she refocused on her painting.  Do we do that with GOD?

 There is no doubt in my mind the joyful gifts God has graced to my grand-daughter. Her Bampa and I pray that she uses those gifts to serve others with her creativity, to live her life with heART. May she share her music and her art to honor Him.


“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6 NIV


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