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02 August 2011

Summer Sunset Sail 2011 Sailboat Painting for a movie by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Summer Sunset Sail 2011
This was commissioned for a movie that is being filmed in SLC.
It is a small painting but the entire film will eventually involve this tiny painting.
6.5 x 6.5 inches Oil on 300 lb watercolor paper   

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Mother said to me at age 82 she cherishes all of her memories made over the years.  She encourages Terry and I to continue making those memories because they will sustain us in hard times and lonely times ahead.

I look back often on memories of my mother's mother, my Nonnie.  She lived part of her year in Dallas with our family and then the rest of the year with my aunt and her family in St Louis, which was Nonnie's home. I learned so much from my grandmother and if she had not given of herself to spend part of her life with us in Dallas, I would have missed out on many things in my life that I have used and loved.  She taught me how to sew.  I literally made 95% of my kids clothing. I use to make men's shirts and jumpsuits as well as 90% of my own clothes.   I do not sew as much today but I can make drapes, curtains, clothes, bedspreads, etc and this all came from the things Nonnie taught me as she shared her time and life with us.

I build forward in those same areas with others today... teaching, mentoring, and sharing my life.  I look back at so many wonderful people that touched my life from professors in college, to aunts and uncles and cousins, to sorority sisters and other moms as we grew up together raising our children.  We all contributed to each others lives.  Open love and willingness to share with each other brings positive change to all of our lives.  For this I am grateful.

Lord, thank you for the positive presence so many people have had in my life.

"When I remember you in my prayers, I always thak my God." Philemon 1:4


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