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21 July 2011

Six Pack Wildlife Wolf Painting by Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Six Pack Out of the Woods
This is the new one I finished to send to Jackson hole...I have a few touch-ups on it but I am close to being finished. Wolves in the snow ... A Contemporary Wildlife Painting. Contact Hollee at the Rare Gallery if you are 
interested in this painting.
24 x 36 inch  Oil on Canvas
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Love and Contentment

Feeling good... what does it take?  What small things give you goose bumps? Sometimes when Lady L takes my hand and smiles at me... I get goose bumps. The pureness of her unconditional love moves me literally from where ever my mindset is, to a point of pure love affected and conquered by nothing. Those times are few in our lives and we need to nurture more of them.

When I taught fourth grade way back in the nineties, I would pick up my class after lunch and we would go back to the classroom to rest. They had gone from their lunches to outside running wild and playing. I believed in a transition time for their minds and bodies to slip back to a study mode and calm state.
Upon our return from lunch, the room would have the lights off but pure day light streaming in the seven large windows on the north side of the classroom. I had a comfy chair to sit in and they sprawled across the carpets, desks, and odd ball chairs through out the room. I had a book I read from daily... and they all looked forward to the story we were reading. A few actually napped, but most would close their eyes and just listened.  There were a few that wanted to brush and style my hair while they listened... we were definitely a motley crew.  But our little classroom was home to them.  They spent 9 hours a day with me in our home away from home. Often that was most of their waking hours as they would only have about 5 hours of waking time in their home. Less if they did after school care before they went home. With 180 days together we knitted together a beautiful temporary family that worked, played, celebrated and grew together.  That small 30 minutes in our day was something we all looked forward too and we were all sad when it was time to turn on the lights and face the reality of science or history.  I think of those students today... egads they are now nearing the old age of 25-26.

Maybe that is a good thing to set aside that special 30 min every day to just do something that makes you feel connected with love. Maybe that is time in the bible or prayer. Maybe that is time riding your horse. Could be time spent with family where you are focused only on them and what you are doing.  Is it possible in this day and age to find that 30 minutes?

POST NOTE: Just heard on the national news that the massive heat wave causes a loss of serotonin in the brain. That is needed for you to be healthy and mentally balanced... stay out of the heat.  Makes sense after what I have been feeling the past two weeks. We are on day 24 of over 100 degree temps.


“I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I have set my heart on your laws.” Psalm 119:30 NIV

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