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07 July 2011

Figurative Painting Child with flowers, Portraits, Texas Artist Laurie Pace

Flower Girl
18 x 24.. still in progress..
But soon available.

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Closeup    Still working on shadows and blending.


Yesterday we had family arrive... Justin, Tara and grandson Jonathan. We helped raise Jon for his early years in life until about age 7.  He is pretty special to us as he approaches his 14th birthday this summer.

 I ran around yesterday morning sweeping and mopping and just before they arrived I realized I was missing my bracelets and my cross. I had literally 'given up' everything at the spa the day before.  It was a mad search in my purse to find it all, including my wedding rings.  But all was found, work was finished...and they arrived safely.

Our visit will be full of fishing, sailing and lots of visiting with eating involved.  This morning Terry is making those good yeast waffles that my brother and sister in law make.  I am hungry but have to patiently wait. I am heading out to cut up strawberries and cantaloupe so we have fresh fruit...oh and blueberries added in the mix.

Made me think back to summers when I was 13.  We would travel 10-11 hours to St Louis to visit my cousins and my grandmother. We always stayed a week or two to make the journey count.  Now days everything seems on warp speed.  Have to go, hurry through and do everything and get back home quickly.  Our lifestyles are in warp speed. When was the last time you took a real vacation?  You could have gone somewhere or even nowhere.  A vacation from all that stress and those commitments and responsibilities? A vacation without your computer?  I know it would be stretching it, but with out your phone? 

Terry and I went into Mt Pleasant to Lowe's and to the grocery store on Monday.  NO PHONES... we went without them.  We gave it about 20 seconds of...'I forget my phone'...'should I turn back'... NO... and off we continued.  We can live and survive without all of it. 

What are the true basics we need to survive? Could you give it all up? Try is for half a day. Then try it for a full day.  Do you think you could make a week?

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” Matthew 24:35 NIV

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Grammie Jan said...

Good morning lil' sis,
Sounds like you have some fun times ahead.
"Giving up" made me think back just three weeks ago when our microwave bit the dust. Since Hugh and Nathan were here we did not venture out to buy a new one until they left - although I am sure they would have appreciated a replacement I did not want to give up on e second with them for their time to go back home would come all too soon. We were very surprised to realize how much we relied on the microwave but, of course, we survived. I too will, on occasion, leave the house without my phone and pray that I won't be in a situation where I will regret not going back for it but again I survive. These blips in our lives of being without a convenience are good for us - they help us to realize that if push came to shove we would be just fine without these modern day "toys." Who knows we might be a more slender society if we had fewer modern conveniences. Do I really, in my heart of hearts, want to give up any of them? No, but I truly appreciate the luxury of having them in my home.
Love you and a great big hug to you,

Laurie Justus Pace Contemporary Texas Artist


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