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21 June 2011

The Dancer aka Red Ribbon Lacing

I began this painting in February of this year and finally finished it up yesterday. I have written before it has an uncanny resemblance to my niece. Terry spotted that in February.  So as I finished it yesterday I renamed it 'The Dancer'.
20  x 30 inches Acrylic Glazing and Overlays  
   © Laurie Pace   Graphics One Design 1998-2011 


I choose this word after the 'yesterday' I had.  I finished this painting first yesterday and I had quite an investment of time in the layering of all the glazes. Then I worked on a commission painting for an art teacher in Canada. I am doing it basically for supplies as a 'gift' between artists.  I will finish it today. I have a invested journey in it as it is one of my signature painted pony pulls.

Then came the afternoon. That is where investment really began.  I started a painting for the Rare Gallery in Jackson Hole.  I have already completed several wolves for their walls and I needed to do a horse painting. When I work on these I work wet and I had mixed in impasto because I have to ship this next week and it needed to be dry.  I had taken a glance at paint supplies and knew I had two large tubes of white left.  This surface of this painting is 28 x 42 x 2 inches of beautiful custom stretched canvas. I worked nonstop from about 11:30 until almost three thirty when I reached in for my last tube of white oils and in my hand was a large tube of OPEN GOLDEN ACRYLICS.    I believe that is the time I went into shock.  There is no way to finish an open wet painting that only works when it is wet and movable when one does not have any more white paint.  I prayed about this for about fifteen minutes and then I scrapped the canvas.  I needed to order the paints and begin again on a new surface.  It did absolutely no good to worry, fret or think of what was.  Sort of like a cake 'falling' in the oven.  

 Realization hit when I threw the box into the trash and saw
GOLDEN on it.  Suppose to say Holbein.

 The Scrapped Canvas

 One sheet of scrapped paint.

Someone had grabbed the wrong box when they packed my order. The only white acrylic I use is in a huge 32 oz container, or the large 64 oz container.

We invest much time in different things in our life...but how much time to be spend invested in our relationship with God? How much time one on one do you spend with the people you love? Investment in relationships is richest investment you can make...starting with your relationship with God.

"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap; for the measure you give will be the measure you get back."  Luke 6:38


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