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10 June 2011

Abstract Horse Paintings Colorado Paint Pony by Texas Contemporary Artist Laurie Pace

Colorado Paint Pony
8 x 10 inches  Oil on Canvas       
 © Laurie Pace Graphics One Design 1998-2011

It is dark thirty but we are heading out early this morning.  We have heard tales of the wildfires in Arizona creating smokey conditions in New Mexico.  Amarillo is full of dust and smoke from local fires.  This may affect how long we stay in Santa Fe... it may be a drive in and drive out the next day.

I am sharing my Daily Word for the day:

I behold the beauty of God's creation.
With the first light of morning, the sky becomes a masterpiece of color. Sunlight paints the mountaintops, treetops and rooftops with a soft golden hue. I praise God for this new day.

Beholding the splendor of all creation, I delight in the sight of an eagle soaring through a clear blue sky or a tiny caterpillar inching its way across a leaf. I choose to see goodness and beauty in the environment, the peoples of the earth and in myself.

As nighttime darkens the horizon, I gaze at the stars and close the day with a prayer of thanksgiving for my blessings and for the Presence that created and watches over all. No matter the number of years I have lived, I remain in awe of the beauty of God's creation.

God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good.--Genesis 1:31


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